Sunday, February 17, 2008

SAM 5 - February done!

Oceanwind Knits fingering merino, in the Indigo colourway -- all together now, can we say "YUM"?

Yes, we can.

I found the colours in this yarn very hard to capture accurately. Overall, they read blue.

When you get up close, you can see the individual colours a bit better.

One hank had a bit more dark in it, so the socks don't have the same marbling effect, but given the wonderful softness of the yarn itself, I'll forgive that.

Lori hand paints and kettle dyes her yarns, so there's no pooling or striping.

The yarn itself was an absolute pleasure to knit with -- very much like Koigu in twist and weight, but better in yardage. I love these socks.

So, are you getting tired of seeing plain old socks around these parts? Seems that's all I've been knitting lately. I'm even beginning to bore myself, but that's all I've felt like lately. Maybe it's time to mix it up a bit. Or maybe not. Ye gads, I hate February. Is it spring yet? Sigh. Over and out.