Friday, July 25, 2008

Math Blues

There are those who would say that one shouldn't mix dots ....

.... with stripes.

To which I would respond, "Pshaw."

I used to be good with numbers. I think that was way back in Grade 4 or something. Once we went from the Imperial system to Metric, I only got worse. Yes, I can add, substract, multiply, divide, figure out percentages, etc., but actually internalizing what those numbers mean in real quantities often eludes me.

I love how the Whatnot sport-weight yarn from Union Center Knits in the Cloak colourway knits up in a great-for-denim stripey-ness. The colours all just meld together so well.

What I don't understand is why I cannot transfer the knowledge that I need 300 grams of DK weight yarn for a pair of socks into needing about the same amount of sport weight yarn. Yup, I ran out just at the start of the second toe. But I liked the stripes so much that I went stash-diving and found something that I thought would go with it, and re-knit the suckers with contrasting cuffs, toes and garter heels.

To further confound my math blues, it seems that 50 grams of DK weight yarn will make two cuffs, two heels, but only one toe. Sigh. Had to break out the second ball.

(Hush, you, I don't want to hear about toe-upped-ness. I'd have had the same problem, because I'd have knit the leg to the same length. And I also don't want to hear about two-at-a-time. I'm ornery that way.)

These stripes, they were worth it.

I did join SOS '08, so it was only fitting that I finish at least one pair over the summer, eh?

So what's keeping me from knitting more socks?

Um, that would be ... this.

I loves me some reversible cables, and when I first saw this pattern, I knew I'd have to make it some day. Well, that day has come. I really want to finish this by September, but my math blues have hit again. It only takes three balls of Smooshy, so I figured that's like three socks' worth of knitting, right? I can do that.

Umm, dude.

That's really six socks, probably seven because they're big balls. And it's all a form of 1x1 ribbing. On both sides, because it's reversible. And it's cables. And as much as I'm enjoying it, and I am enjoying it, it is taking for-freaking-ever.

I know there's such as thing as project monogamy, but I doubt I'm capable of it. Or am I?

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Kaleidoscope # 4

Another unusual combination of colours.

Mustard and mauve ...

Black and blue ...

Me likes it ... bunches.

Of course there were knots, so I only had one black and blue part and three mustard and mauves.

Silk Garden No. 247.

In the Other News Department, the Cross and Meet sock is now available as a Ravelry purchase. Go get it. :-)

Thursday, July 03, 2008

Meets and Crosses ... or Just Meets

I still haven't started on my second Ornette sock, but I had a chance to test knit another pattern, so I jumped at it. Oh, by the way, the Ornette pattern is now available -- it's a gorgeous sock, and I'm looking forward to seeing lots more of them out there, besides, you know, another one of mine. :-)

I really should stop knitting with red yarn. It's just about impossible to capture the colour correctly and it throws my cheap little camera into spasms. This is Socks that Rock, Mustang Sally, light weight. I apologize for the craptastic photos. I've tried adjusting the colour a smidge, and that helps, but when I download them into the blog, they seem to look worse again. Sigh.

So, the test pattern. It's really just a basic ribbed sock ... well, sort of.

Two bands of stockinette, delineated by cables, head out from the top front and wind their way down and around.

They meet again in the back at the top of the heel flap, which is ribbed. Meanwhile, four bands of stockinette, delineated with cables, start from a slightly later point at the back of the leg and wind their way around to the front.

When they meet on the side of the leg, they have a little party.

The bands from the back carry on around past the ankle.

... and meet again in the front. The lower one meets itself, but the upper one bounces back off and heads out again, ricochets against the sides of the sole and heads back towards the middle again, where it finally meets itself, just in time for the toe.

Very, very cool. The pattern is called Meets and Crosses, and should be available soon. Luckily, Bea, the designer of these beauties, has some much better and clearer pictures.

There is also a lace version of this pattern that uses YOs and decreases to demarcate the travelling bands instead of cables. Monika test-knit that one, and her picture of red socks is lovely. Sigh.

The astute and observant among you may have noticed that there is no toe on these socks. I assure you that the pattern does indeed call for a toe. These particular socks, however, will not only remain without a toe but will be ripped.

First, it bugs me that I didn't notice there was pooling in the gusset which resulted in that light coloured bit right in the middle of the motif that is right in the middle of the instep that is right in the middle of all the action. It obscures the pattern. If I had noticed it as I was knitting, I would have yanked out a piece of yarn to move the colours along.

Second, and more egregious than that, though, is the fact that although the pattern clearly states the gauge is to be 8 sts/in, I somehow managed to merrily knit away at 9 sts/in, and although the sock looks wonderful on the foot, getting it there is ... an adventure.

Karma? Bad mojo? Just meets? I think my second Ornette has exacted his revenge.