Saturday, January 24, 2009

Purple -- it's a good thing

Yummmm, I love blues and browns and greens.

Who knew they were even better with a shot of purple?

Silk Garden 245. This was the first time neither skein had a knot. It was the second time I ran out of yarn at the end. Good thing Noro just keeps using the same colours over again in different combinations and I was able to throw in a scrap from another one to finish off the end.

Totally loving the purple.

Which is a good thing, because I was also working on this.

Impulse of Delight sock yarn in the Crocus colourway. If you don't follow Ruth's blog to watch how how she develops her colourways, you should - it's very cool.

It's also very cool and windy and wintery outside, so my not-very -successful attempt at an outside FO shot lasted about 30 seconds before I chickened out and went back inside. Those white speckles in the photo are snow, not lint. :-)

Apparently I need bigger windowsills.

Simple 6x2 rib, Sherman heel. Totally loving the purples.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Out with a Bang

Except now that I think about it more, the old year didn't really leave with a bang -- it was more of a DRIP DRIP WHUMP, which was the sound of the ceiling of my computer room falling down just before Christmas on account of a water leak from outside my condo. Yes, they fixed it.

There may also have been a GACK GACK BLETCH, which was the sound of a sick cat who required an emergency trip to the vet on New Year's Eve. Yes, he's all better now.

There may also have been some GURGLE GURGLE GURGLE, which was the sound of my own intestinal disturbances on account of some bug or other. Yes, it's also better now.

Let's hope that's the end of the noise and the new year progresses a little more quietly.

Throughout all that, I did manage to keep myself busy with a bit of fibre.

That's some BFL in the Caramel Apple colourway from Moonlight Baker/Hungry for Handspun.

The colours were perfect for spinning while the snow, and more snow, and yet more snow, fell from the skies.

I was again aiming for a two-ply worsted weight, but I again didn't quite make it. It' about 277 yards, 15 wpi, so right between fingering and sport. Not quite what I was going for, but quite nice nonetheless.

My knit mojo seems to be on vacation, but thanks to the rental of a couple of movies, I was able to finished another Kaleidoscope.

Silk Garden, in what I thought was No. 258. However, according to Ravelry, the last one was 258, so I've managed to mix up the ball bands and have no idea what this one really is.

ETA: It's most likely 228 -- thanks, Judy!!

Whatever it is, it's kind of a nondescript colourway -- mostly greens and browns, with a bit of orange and red and blue.

Nap time. Ciao. :-)