Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Kaleidoscope # 3

Colours so hot they sear your retinas and confound my camera.

Orange and pink, with a bit of green, brown and black.

Like an autumn forest ... on crack.

Mr. Noro, your brain must be a wondrous place.

Silk Garden No. 84.

Friday, June 20, 2008


After knitting the Reversai socks, I wanted to try a garter stitch short row heel on a regular type sock. Since these ones just happened to be ready for a heel, they became my test.

Turns out that I can indeed wear a garter stitch short row heel knit over half the stitches, with one third of the heel left unworked. I'm a happy knitter.

The yarn is Socks that Rocks, Atomic #6, medium weight. I didn't enjoy knitting with this as much as I did the light weight. It felt kind of ropey and not as squishy. However, the socks are nice and thick and should be good for winter wear. I mis-judged the leg length for this type of heel, though, and the socks are a bit shorter than I would normally prefer, especially for a winter sock. There was lots of yarn left over, so next time I'll know better. Sorry for the dark pictures, but it's really grey out there today.

I got this yarn in a swap a year or two ago, and it's not colours I would normally gravitate towards, but I was glad for the chance to try out the yarn base. Although everyone else seems to be able to get pooling and zigging and zagging, I seem to continue my trend of spiraling stripes. Sigh.

That's the end of SAM 5. I haven't signed up for SAM 6, although I did for Summer of Socks. Although they won't count under the rules for Summer of Socks, I do have a few singles that need mates, so I'll I'll try to finished those this summer, as well as a few other projects that are either waiting or percolating.

It's funny how a change in season seems to renew the knitting agenda. I wonder if I'd get more done if we had six seasons instead of four.

Sunday, June 08, 2008

Kaleidoscope # 2

I didn't think I'd gotten into a colour rut ...

... but it seems I'd forgotten ...

... what a perfectly glorious colour ...

... purple can be.

Silk Garden No. 232

Sunday, June 01, 2008

Half an Ornette

It starts at the top and spirals its way down and around ...

... across the front ...

.. down to the gusset and stops there. But another one starts at the flap ....

... and flows along the foot, then across top ...

... all the way to the toe.

And now I get to do the other one. Only backwards. :-)

Except I won't be using these. I couldn't figure out why this sock was taking so long, and I seemed to be always fighting with the stitches. Then I stopped and had a good look at the needles.

Can you guess which four of the five Knitpicks needles I'd been using? This is only the third sock I've knit with these.