Sunday, September 09, 2007


I seem lately to be suffering from SSS -- no, not Second Sock Syndrome, but Seasonal Startitis Syndrome. Whenever the seasons change, I say to myself, "This spring I should knit THIS," or, "This fall I should knit THAT." Given my abysmal track record at finishing large projects, I do know better than to start them. Usually, anyway. I've been good for a long time, but the last two weeks I've given free reign to my impulses. Things have been flying on, and then back off, the needles at an alarming rate. I think I've settled down a bit now, though. I'm not obligating myself to finish these things, but ... well, we'll see.

Yes, it's a swatch. But please note, it's a completed swatch! Blocked and all. I signed up for the Secret of Chrysopolis. It's a German Yahoo group, but the pattern will also be coming out in English. I don't normally like doing "secret" things, but for some reason the name of this caught my attention. Yes, I admit it's strange to do something just because you like the name of it. I have nothing to offer in my defence. :-) I did have some reservations about the swatch as I was knitting it, but it came out quite nicely. This may be as far as it gets, or I may carry on; I reserve the right to decide later. I do know that at the first mention of nupps or beads, I'm outta there. :-) The yarn is Misti Alpaca, and it's very nice to work with.

This is kind of a jumbled mess right now, with lot of ends sticking out here and there, but it will sort itself out in due time. It's the beginnings of a Curve of Pursuit from Woolly Thoughts. You can seem some particularly nice finished ones here and here. I found picking up the initial stitches to be fiddly (read, a PITA!!), but once you start going round and round, it's a lot of fun. I love short rows. The yarn is Indicieta Alpaca, so if I finish this, it will be soft and cuddly and very warm.

This I am hoping will grow up to be a scarf. It's Paula's very cool CorruGarterGator scarf. I'm doing the fingering weight version using 37 stitches (because 37 is my favourite number -- good a reason as any; right?), using the lovely handspun that I received from Melinda in the Knitter's Tea Swap 2. I think the texture and subtle colouration of the yarn go very well with the stitch pattern. Those white spots you see in the photo are actually the sparkles in the yarn!! Very cool. I love knitting this, and it should make a great, long, skinny, soft and sparkly scarf.

Speaking of swaps, I see the International Scarf Exchange 5 is starting up, if anyone is interested. I think I'll sit this one out, though, because I don't want any deadline knitting this fall. Also, the Knitters Tea Swap 4 will be starting up soon.

I may also have four or five socks on the needles, with one pair getting close to finished. More about that when they're done. I'm thinking all that should keep me going for the fall, so no more SSS. If I get antsy, I do have just a few UFOs that could use FOing. Maybe I should get to them . Or not.

I'm hungry. I think I'll go find something to eat. :-)