Friday, March 17, 2006

FLAK - the saddles and ......

Yup, I got my saddles done:

Five inches each, ten inches in total, and the yarn was protesting all the way. My hands actually hurt when I was done. I looked at them. And then I looked at them again. And I started to think.......

Since I always seem to think best with needles in hand, while I was thinking, I did this:

Yes, it's another Multi-Directional Diagonal Scarf. It's a fun little knit, and I used Noro Silk Garden, Col. No. 234 -- two and one-third balls (sigh). This yarn is heavenly to work with. This yarn also gets knots in the most annoying places. When the ends are joined up, they don't seem to care where they are in the colourway. Instead of a nice gradual transition, boom, there you are, somewhere else. But still, it's heavenly. And because it's heavenly, it's worth another shot: Goes nicely with my brown leather jacket, doesn't it :-) And since you may have noticed in the photo above that we still have some snow, I'll still get some use out of it this year.

Where was I? Oh yeah. Saddles. I realized this yarn does not want to FLAK. The cables don't really show the pattern to true advantage, and it will not be an enjoyable knit. I do still want a brown Aran, but I think this stuff needs something with a bolder pattern. I don't have the energy or inclination to start all over from scratch right now, soI'll lurk and learn on the list. It will be back later, but for now, say goodbye to FLAK:

Do not fret lest you think I might be without cabley goodness. I can, and should, ressurect this:

My Garter Stitch Aran Cardigan has been patiently waiting ... for a little less than two years ... for my return. The pattern from Tara Jon Manning's Men in Knits, and the yarn is Briggs & Little Regal in Col. No. 48, Turquoise. The sides and back are knit in one piece, and it sits at the point where I had just bound off the underarms and was about to work up from there. I just have to figure out where I was in the pattern.It is yummy, and it has replaced the FLAK on my active WIP list.

2 people had something to say:

lexa said...

Very nice socks! Love how the heels turned out. I just started my first ever pair of toe-up, short row heel socks. Think I will check out your link. I'm kinda worried about the heels, but I've got a bit to go before I get there.

Beautiful scarf - lovely colors! That cardigan is going to be gorgeous!

Cynthia said...

Dave, I love your socks above. I also love the sweater (I am also working - not - on my FLAK); you have to finish it. The multidirectional scarf is excellent. I have been lurking but I know it is so nice to have a comment so here I am! Your work is excellent. How do you like the Briggs and Little Regal?