Monday, October 19, 2009


I stopped entering blog contests a while ago because I figured I’d done my fair share of winning when I first started blogging and it would only be fair to let other people have a chance, but for some reason, when Joan had a contest to guess the yardage in a skein of yarn she’d spun, the number 585 jumped right into my head.  I checked her comments and no one else had guessed that yet, which quite surprised me, because, you know, it was SO COMPLETELY OBVIOUS.   Before I had a chance to control myself, I’d entered.  Well, turns out I was wrong.  The correct answer was 576.  But, as luck would have it, I was less wrong than anyone else, so I WON!  Wanna see what she sent me?  Of course you do.


Mmmm, nummies!!  Cookies, Buffalo bars (Did you know Buffalos only have 330 calories per serving?  I didn’t.), sponge candy and some wonderful smelling soap so I can wash my sticky fingers after I munch. 

There might have also been some fibre.

IMG_8148a Hmmmm, softies!! On the right is some beautifully heathered merino in the Cranberry colourway from Firefly Farm, and on the left?   It’s from Spirit Trail Fiberworks, Moon Shadows colourway, merino, silk and angora!!  Dudes!!

Thank you, Joan -- you do know how to spoil a guy!!  The moral for everyone else?  585 is a lucky number.  Remember that, mkay?

So, what have I been up to?  Well, knitting.  Still no socks – sock mojo continues to be a a no-go – but I did knit up some of my handspun into a shawl/scarf thingy.


The pattern is the uber-simple Boneyard Shawl by Stephen West, which I still managed to screw up, but whatever.  I figured a triangle shape would suit the light-to-dark shading in the stripes. 

IMG_7896a The main feature of the pattern is lines of garter stitch every 12 rows.  I did them every 10, because it was easier and I felt like it.  I’m quite happy with the project, from start to finish, but turns out that I prefer the back side.  Sort of makes the garter ridges moot, but I think the colour changes are smoother.  Design element, down the tubes.  That’s just the way it goes sometimes.

IMG_7952a  The wheel has been kept busy too.

IMG_7873aThis is some super fluffy and soft superwash BFL in the Trust Me colourway from CJ Kopek.  It’s part of a spin-a-long on Ravelry where we were given photos of the inspiration behind the colourway but not a picture of the actual fibre, which I think is kind of a fun idea.  The colours aren’t really me, so I wasn’t really worried about making a yarn for a specific purpose and instead gave myself permission to play.

IMG_8090a Techy stuff:  Divided the fibre into four lengths.  Predrafted two of them together to mix and meld the colours, then did the same with the other two.  Held both lengths together as I drafted at the wheel.  This gave me a very mixed up and marled single.  I chained the single, chained the chain and then added plying twist.

IMG_8081a End result, 75 yards, 9-ply double chained, 8 wpi.  I like it!  I think it will make a great Wonky.  I guess I should get started on that so I can actually use it this year, eh?

IMG_8070a End note:  Anyone else using Windows Live Writer to write blog posts? Wow, so much easer.  My only complaint is that it won’t accept my defaults and I have to format each photo.  Even that’s just two clicks,though, and it’s much easier than all the dragging and dropping I had to do before.  So, does easier equal more frequent posts?  That remains to be seen.

19 people had something to say:

knottygnome said...

very pretty fiber and i like all the handspun goodness.

lexa said...

Congrats on winning the contest! Love your scarf, very nice colors, love the way they flow.

fleegle said...

It may not be you but on my monitor, the colorway for your spun yarn is beautiful. Of course, that may be the spinning :)

So, let's see, which part of the buffalo only has 300 calories per serving? And what is a good-sized serving of buffalo? Steak? Chops? Ribs?

Sarah said...

I'm jealous of the fibre you won, and your mad spinning skills! And I prefer the right side of your triangular shawl, just to disagree. :)

Monika said...

Hehe- winning even if you don't really want to! What a lovely package that was! The fiber looks yummy, oh no, that's the treats. Anyway, I love your scarf thingy, both sides, and your new yarn looks great too.

KnitNana said...

"only" 330 calories per serving? Sorry I'm doing WW and that seems high to me...(I love their mini-bars)
Gorgeous knitting and spinning, and what a great prize!!

Yarndude said...

Man, Joan is just fantastic! I LOVE your scarf thingie and I think your chained chained yarn looks incredible.

Cookie said...

Wonderful spinning and knitting. Great prize package, too.

Jean said...

All I can say is that you are very lucky, the prize package was quite a special one. The yarn you spun would make a spectacular Wonky.

turtlegirl76 said...

Oooh that shawl is absolutely gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on the win, and I love both sides of the shawl :)

Kristen said...

I've lost my sock mojo, too. Weird. I've been knitting on dishcloths, one after the other, waiting for the sock or mitten mojo to return, and spinning the endless white cloud of Falkland that will one day be a sweater for my mom.

That shawl looks so nice and warm, and I love how the spinning turned out!

SJ said...

A chain-plied chain ply? Brilliant! That's such an interesting yarn you wound up with.

Love the shawl, too. I think both sides look nice, so wear it as you like.

LaurieM said...

Lovely little shawlette. You could use it to keep your neck warm until you get around to knitting Wonky.

Alwen said...

Excellent, you were lucky! I'm writing 585 down right now.

I love the color of the Cranberry, yum.

Kathy... said...

As a new spinner, I find your spinning sooooo inspirational! Thanks for sharing.

Carrie K said...

I'll have to check out Window Live Writer.

Yay for winning from Joan! She does great prizes, those Truffalo bars are to die for and those fiberz! Gorgeous and perfect Christmas colorways.

Your shawl came out beautifully - I agree with you on the wrong side melting better - never know until you knit it up!

Anonymous said...

I know - I'm a bit late! But I want to tell you that your handspun scarf is so very amazing and your spinning intention worked well, didn't it?

Great jobs! :o)


Five Ferns Fibreholic said...

I'm beginning to think that you have the luck of the Irish.