Thursday, April 20, 2006

SMAK April - done!

My April SMAKs be done.

Both of them.

The pattern is Basketcase Socks, and the yarn is Smart DK, Colour 1042 1093. The socks are great, the yarn not so much. About the best I can is that it's serviceable. The socks are warm and comfy, the ribbing pattern clingy, but the yarn vexed me.
The ball on the right is how much I usually have left over from a pair of socks and three 50 gram balls of DK weight yarn. The ball on the left is what is left over from the Smart. I originally did these socks with a regular flap and turn. When I got to the toe, I looked at what was left and realized there wouldn't be enough. Ripped, did a short row heel, and made it to the end of the second sock. I like these socks, but most likely won't use this yarn again. Smart yarn, maybe not so smart.

This poor unfinished pair will be my May SMAKs.

They WILL be finished by the end of May. And since one of them is already half done, that means I have time to play with Starsky for a while :-)

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Bitterknitter said...

The socks look great, Dave! Sorry the yarn was a pest, though. Well, at least you don't have a lot left over since you didn't enjoy knitting with it! Enjoy it in its incarnation of socky goodness and leave its brethren to languish at the LYS ;-)

Looking forward to seeing how your Starsky shapes up!

Agnes said...

Wow ... the socks are gorgeous! But can I ask you a question? What is SMAK? Thanks.

Jason said...

Wow! Basketcase socks are cool! They look great on your feet!

Shelley said...

The socks look great! I really like that pattern.

Monica said...

Your socks look great!