Sunday, June 25, 2006

Contest - Two Duhs - the Winner!

Some of you knew.

Some of you guessed.

Some of you made multiple guesses - naughty naughty!

Some of you were right.

Some of you were wrong.

Some of you tried to ... gasp ... bribe me.

Some of you sought to curry favour by complimenting me.

Some of you were disqualified for not following the rules.

Some of you shared reminiscences of washing socks.

Some of you were ... late!

Some of you commented on the fact that not only does the label seem to have a "washable" controversy, it also seems to have somewhat of a gauge problem.

Despite having one of the goofiest labels I have ever seen, it's still one of my favourite sock yarns. The colours are beautiful, and it knits up sleekly and softly. I would note that it has accidentally gone through the normal laundry and survived -- perhaps a bit faded, but not felted.

The winner is Harriet, of limedragon fame. Congratulations, Harriet! Your yarn will be in the mail on Tuesday.

7 people had something to say:

aija said...

Congrats Harriet!

anne said...

WOW! that is quite a collection of fleece artist merino! hahahaha! how does this sock yarn wear? i bought my first hank last month, and i am considering making a pair for my husband, but not if they don't wear well (i am much easier on sox than he is, so the delicate yarns go to me!)
congrats to harriet!

aquaknits said...

I wouldn't have guessed the yarn, but I'll remember it now, such GORGEOUS colors! Congrats to the winner!

lexa said...

Congrats, Harriet, on your win!

limedragon :-: Harriet said...

Thanks everyone, and especially Dave! I sure was surprised when I got his email. : )

Lots of eye candy in this post... such yummy colorways, mmm!

Sachi said...

Congrats Harriet!

Just when I thought I had enough sock yarn, I see a post like this....

ax174 said...

Aaargh! I can't believe I missed this contest. Fleece Artist Merino is my favourite sock yarn too - no way could I have missed getting that one right!