Sunday, June 11, 2006

Contest - Two Duhs

I was trying to get organized (Ha! - I don't believe I just used *that* word) for the Trek Along with Me, which meant that I had to dig through my stash and find my Trekking. And find it I did.

Ha! Are you surprised it isn't blue? I do sometimes use other colours, you know. Kind of reminds me of a campfire. I like it.

Of course, he has a friend.

Unfortunately, they both have friends of their own too.

Duh the first: Having so much yarn that you don't know what you have, so you end up buying exactly the same thing over again. It's even the same dyelot.

As I was digging through the stash, I noticed this label on another skein of sock yarn:

Duh the second: Washable? Hand wash only? Huh? Yes, I know there may be reasons to hand wash a washable wool, but doesn't that kind of defeat the purpose?

The contest: Tell me which yarn has the Duh label and you can win two skeins of the Duh yarn. Simple, yes? All correct answers will be put in a hat and a winner shall be drawn. Entries are NOT to be by comment. Email them before June 20, 2006, to: bearley_there at hotmail dot com under the subject line "Contest - Two Duhs".

Oh, the post title said "two," didn't it. In that case, I'll also send you this yarn ...

... so you have enough yarn for two pairs of socks!

7 people had something to say:

aija said...

Laughing too hard at the multiplying yarn... :)

What pattern are you thinking for the trekking? I'm stumped, sorta.

LB said...

N/A for the gauge? Is that because they don't know? Is that yarn label from Opal? I honestly dunno. Lovely prizes though!

HPNY Knits said...

what was the name of those little furry things that kept multiplying in the Star Track Enterprise? wasn't it trekking XXL???
this calls for some logic... I'll have to call Spok for info on the yarn.
I bet they tell ya to hand wash, so they don't have to deal with complaints of people who boil their yarn...

lexa said...

I wish my yarn would multiply like that! Very nice colors.

trek said...

The word you are looking for is "tribbles" - and no, Klingons do not like tribbles.

Norma said...
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knittingbytheriver said...

I know. I know. It's Fleece Artist Merino sock yarn.