Wednesday, July 19, 2006


I like the Babel game, in which you take some English text, plug it into Babel Fish and translate it into German, plug in the German text and translate it into French, and then plug the French in and translate it back into English.

This is the results of a recent Babel:

Instructions: Form on 4 fixings series 1: knit 4 series with 2: If you knit more rueber 2, yarn, you knit on the series repeat a series with 2, until you have 44 fixings on the needle. Series of 3: If you knit 1, you knit together, yarn more rueber 2, you knit together to 2, you knit at the oddment repeat a series with 3, until you have 4 fixings on the needle.

Isn't that hilarious? Do you recognize it?

Instructions: Cast on 4 stitches
Row 1: Knit 4
Row 2: Knit 2, yarn over, knit across the row.
Repeat Row 2 until you have 44 stitches on the needle.
Row 3: Knit 1, Knit 2 together, yarn over, knit 2 together, knit to the end of the row.
Repeat Row 3 until you have 4 stitches on the needle.

Poor Grandmother would have conniptions trying to knit her Favourite using that Babelled pattern :-)

Dishcloths, eh? Yeah, I whipped out a few dishcloths as a housewarming present for a friend.

Not the Babel version, obviously.

I like garterlac -- nubbly in all directions, so it's good for scrubbing, stretchy but not overly so. It has just enough counting to satisy my semi-OCD type personality.

Unlike the bubbly stockinette-based entrelac, because garter stitch is square, garterlac lays nice and flat.

One of those minimal effort, maximum results type of projects, easy enough to do in front of the tv.

I think I'll go do a couple more.

Edited to add that the pattern is here:

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Lori said...

I really like those dishcloths! I've been experimenting with those little projects myself. And also teaching myself crochet with dishcloths!

trek said...

They look great - bet the garter ridges make fantastic scrubbing surfaces.

Zee said...

They look wonderful! Love the texture, too. :) Those are the best dishcloths I've ever seen. Lucky friend!

HPNY Knits said...

I like your garterlac! fab idea and great examples. this should be a knitty item for next year. a great house gift for friends with summers beach houses... where we want to be invited again...

Jane said...

But is there a pattern out there somewhere? I'm quite intrigued by those cool cloths!

anne said...

i love those—i want to know the pattern too! what yarn did you use. i like that tan one with the black and gray streaks

Dave said...

Anne, the tan & black yarn is Sugar 'n Cream, Colour No. 176, Oasis.

Sarah said...

Excellent dish clothes, Dave! I especially like the green and turquoise manifestation. I used Babel to translate an Italian bread recipe once and got instructions to mix in two cups of moist fairies.

Thanks for the compliments on the blanket squares, and for stopping by my blog!

Anastacia said...

I printed off your pattern - never done entratic before. I'm struggling a bit with the pattern. I didn't print off the photo when I printed off the pattern, and I think having the photo in front of me would help a little! So I'm off to go try again. Thanks for a fab pattern.

Kathy said...


Came over to you from Alyssa's blog. Thanks for the entrelac dishcloth pattern. I have never knit a dishcloth, but I'm getting a hankering to do so!

Welcome tidget as well!

QoE said...

Thank you for the garterlac dishcloth pattern. I have wanted to try entrelac for a long time, but didn't want to 'invest' in a maybe. This was the perfect size and I loved knitting it.
Quick and pretty!
Cathy in MN

Elsa said...

Thanks bunches! I found this at a good time in my life, and I appreciate that you helped make that happen. :-)