Saturday, July 01, 2006

I won the Name Game!

A wonderful package arrived in the mail this week.

Angora Valley Fibers had a contest to name two of their new Lacewing colourways, and I won. Sort of. See, in my entry, I said that the colours kind of reminded me of twilight, so I suggested the name Gloaming. Pat chose the name Twilight, which someone else had suggested, but very generously also decided that I qualified as well. How totally cool is that!

I have a * few * skeins of Pat's lovely Monarch sock yarn in my stash just waiting to be knit up, and I can say that it feels absolutely wonderful to pet, the yardage is very generous, and the colours are glorious. Thanks so much, Pat -- I'm very much looking forward to playing with your luxurious yarns!

Here's another look at the gloaming-y, Twilight-y, goodness:

Ain't it grand!

In a totally unrelated matter, just in case someone happens to be stalking me and/or someone happens to be wondering whatever happened to this --

-- I am happy to report that it is well on its way to becoming part of this --

-- and that's all I'm gonna say on that subject for now :-)

7 people had something to say:

aija said...

Ooh, I dig the name gloaming. Always sounds sinister to me though... there should be more sinister sock yarns out there :)

Happy Canada Day! :)

anne said...

mmmm. that yarn looks amazing; another one i haven't heard of or tried yet. you would think in 42 years of knitting that i would have seen everything.
OMG . . .please . . . i don't think i can bear seeing that knitting in the trash can (that IS a trash can? right?). but it's not MY knitting, so i am (slowly) letting go of that.

aquaknits said...

Congrats on your twilight yarn! Always fun to come here and get my blue yarn fix for the day, just beautiful!

I'm curious to see what's developing in that bottom pic (what patience to untangle that pile!)

Jess said...

Very pretty yarn!

That pile of blue spaghetti made me physically recoil from the monitor. Dude. That's a serious mess.

And warn ppl before you post scary pictures like that! ;o)

ax174 said...
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ax174 said...

I don't know which impresses me more - the copious yarn porn on your blog (pant pant!), or your obsessive organizing skillz (*everything* in its own box). Whichever - it's all great.

Meg said...

Congratulations on your prize! Gloaming has got to be one of my favourite words in the English language. It's almost onomotopaeic.